About us

People Behind:
We are husband and wife team that wants to bring change to the present Indian or South East Asian Grocery Store scenario. We want to provide maximum service, quality products, affordable price and be omni present in your life. We want to be part of you even without you having to step into your store.

Aiden Thomas Jacob:
Even though he does not have any certificates to boast of yet, he works hard to put our customers at ease and bring smile to their faces. He is the face of our store. The perfect customer support personal who provides individualistic service to every person that walks in to the store. At 2 years old he works really hard to re arrange the store and products, welcome our guests and provide them with their shopping baskets, fill their baskets with snacks and products that they wanted but did not know of yet. He puts the need of the store in front of his own and supports Papa and Mamma to run it without any trouble. The store is a part of him now, he learned take his first step in the store and so he is willing to go the extra mile and put any number of hours in the store.

Rine Anna Koshy:
With dual degree in Sociology and Social Work, she is very particular about service and quality. These features along with her 10+ years in the retail industry makes her a very hard worker for perfection. She has worked at every position from Sales Associate to Store Manager and understands the requirement for every position and difficulties related to them. She dropped her chance of being a district manager to work on her own and make her dreams come true. When you add the benefits of being a Mother with the said Educational and Work Experience you get a very caring, passionate person with an eye for perfection and dedication to serve. She takes care of procurement, logistics, inventory management, floor layout and visual merchandising. She has her own way of keeping work-life balance without compromising on any details.